Creating functional and versatile leisure spaces

We know the importance of providing safe and versatile leisure spaces to the community, which is why we work closely with business owners to design unique public spaces. We're able to design, fit-out and refurbish gyms, libraries, bars and more. Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your expectations are always being met. Centric will work closely within your budget and to a realistic deadline, delivering exceptional quality every time.

The projects we work on within the leisure sector are unique as we not only need to refurbish the customer-facing areas but it's critical that the employee areas are safe and fully functional. Improving your employee's working environment will boost their mood and increase their productivity.

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Executive leisure facilities

We're not only able to design and fit-out public leisure facilities but we're also experienced within the private sector specialising in executive suites and boxes. These exclusive spaces need to be comfortable and luxurious for the occupants. Centric are able to design and fit-out private clubs, airport and stadium suites. If you have special requirements for your executive facilities, you'll have the opportunity to discuss these with our team before we begin the design.

More than a refurbishment

At Centric we offer a range of extensive services to support your project. We'll help to transform your space no matter your needs as well as help you maintain it.

  • Dilapidations: If you've rented your commercial space we're able to return it to it's previous condition as per your lease agreement
  • Design: Our experience allows us to design functional leisure facilities that can be safely enjoyed
  • Facilities Management: We're able to support and manage any of the additional services you require to keep the space clean, safe and comfortable for employees and visitors
  • Sustainability: We'll responsibly recycle or donate any of your old furniture and use recyclable furniture where possible in your new space
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