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It’s not uncommon within offices for employees to spend a significant amount of their day sat at their desks. If their working space isn't correctly set up for their individual needs there is a risk of developing a repetitive strain injury (RSI). The correct equipment, furniture, and posture are key areas in occupational health. We have found that employees with proper posture and the right technology are ill less often and typically take less time out of the office. All employees should be sat with their back and shoulders straight to avoid discomfort. Providing an adequate set-up for employees is critical to ensure continued safety and productivity.

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Ergonomic furniture solutions

Not only do we perform ergonomic assessments, but we’re also able to supply a variety of different ergonomic options. Centric is the longest established supplier of ergonomic furniture in the North West. It goes further than just an appropriate chair, we’ll also look at employees’ workspace, desks, and technology to work out how best they can be supported. We’ll explore potential issues with an individual’s current workspace and provide effective solutions that can be implemented into the design.

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