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We're able to design workplace refreshes, full refurbishments, relocations, and dilapidations. Before we start any of our projects, we'll perform an in-depth consultation with you to discuss your expectations, requirements, and budget. We also carry out an assessment of your space to work out how we can create your concept around the space, as well as highlighting the areas that need adapting based on its current usage. Regardless of your requirements and the current state of your space, we'll be able to develop a functional environment that allows your employees to work in their chosen working style with ease.

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Increase office performance

A well-thought-out design can completely transform your workplace. As we base your concept on your business' working style, the performance and productivity of your office will be greatly improved once your space supports this. At Centric we've worked on projects where we've needed to add break-out spaces, hot desks, and collaborative working stations.

Incorporating ergonomic furniture

As part of our services, we offer ergonomic assessments to ensure all your employees are properly taken care of with the appropriate work setup. With your help, we'll also incorporate ergonomic furniture into the design of your office space. You'll be able to visit our ergonomic furniture and office supplies showroom to get an in-person look at our extensive range and receive beneficial advice from our professional team.

Don't forget we also offer a try before you buy service with all of our ergonomic furniture to ensure you're 100% happy.

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