Over 30 years worth of extensive industry knowledge and experience

Centric has built up a long-standing reputation for quality customer service in the assessment, design, and delivery of ergonomic office solutions and workplace fit-out.
Our expertise is what allows us to deliver the best results to you, in line with your budget and time frame. We’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of property so that we’re able to transform a variety of interiors including offices, schools, receptions, and communal spaces. We use fixtures, equipment, and ergonomic furniture to create a functional working environment that encourages productivity.

Centric's focus has always been on creating safe environments for everyone, for us this includes enhancing the experience of hybrid and flexible working.

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The future of workplaces

As employers are starting to steer their workforce into more flexible and hybrid working styles it's important that those workplaces support and enhance this style. Centric wants to support this transition, we start by listening to the needs of you and your employees. So we can design your space accordingly, exploring collaboration pods, meeting booths, private areas, and open-plan spaces to figure out what will work most effectively for you. Centric put people in the centre, our focus is to design and fit-out spaces that make employees feel safe, happy, and productive.

Creating an office space that supports flexible working is crucial in ensuring your employee's productivity. It's important that your team have the appropriate tools in order to effectively complete their tasks.

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