Revitalise your workspace with a refurbishment project

At Centric our experienced team is able to take your outdated office and transform it into a versatile and modern space. Working practices have greatly changed in the last ten years and many office spaces are no longer appropriate for modern working styles. We will always start with an assessment of your space and discuss your goals for the project before we begin designing. We’re also able to carry out ergonomic assessments to ensure your employees have an appropriate setup when they’re in the office, whether that's full-time or in a hybrid role.

Any old furniture that we remove from your existing workspace will be responsibly recycled or donated where possible.

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Contemporary working environments

Your office needs to be more than just a safe and healthy place for your employees to work. It’s also a reflection of your business and it’s critical that it showcases the best of it, whilst also highlighting your unique working style. Conventional rows of desk are no longer the norm and we’ve been refurbishing plenty of this existing style and creating bespoke spaces with open-plan designs, privacy blocks and collaborative break out areas.

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