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We believe that your furniture should work for you which is why we perform a thorough assessment of your space. To us, it’s crucial that we understand your space as well as understanding how it needs to work for you. With this knowledge, we’re able to suggest furniture and more importantly design a layout that works for your team.

We suggest visiting our ergonomic furniture and office supplies showroom to get an in-person feel for our range. Our dedicated team will be on hand to offer advice and guidance regarding your project and our ergonomic products.

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Agile working environments

We’re able to offer more than conventional rows of desks with chairs. Since flexible working has become increasingly more popular in the last few years we’ve been developing designs that are focused on usability. We’ve worked on a large variety of commercial projects where we’ve needed to explore the concept of collaborative spaces, private spaces, and the flexibility to work anywhere via hot desking. We're also able to develop unique student accommodation facilities. This includes shared kitchens and living spaces, as well as on-site cafes and gym spaces.

Ergonomic assessments

At Centric we offer ergonomic assessments as part of our extensive range of services. We'll come into your workplace and have individual consultations with you and your employees as well as assess the workspace to determine areas where you may need more support. Having an ergonomic assessment allows you to appropriately select the right furniture for you and your team.

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