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Ensuring students have the right equipment, environment and furniture throughout their education is crucial to their development. At Centric we specialise in providing classroom and exam furniture however, we're able to refurbish and complete full fit-out projects in schools. When we're designing education workspaces, we look at how we can make them as functional as possible. In many cases, a classroom or exam hall will have multiple purposes and it needs to be versatile in its layout, storage and furniture selection.

Before we begin designing your space we'll assess the needs of the space, your employees and all of the students. Once we've completed our initial assessment we'll have a better understanding of the equipment and technology we'll need to incorporate in order to support everyone.

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Unique teaching environments

Here at Centric, we're also able to work on more unique education projects, including NVQ colleges. These projects typically involve designing realistic working environments such as restaurants, hair salons and building sites. These spaces need to reflect real work environments so that students can gain hands-on experience in a fully supported space. During this type of project, we'll work extremely closely with you to ensure that we understand all of your requirements to exceed your expectations.

University accommodation

We're also able to complete university accommodation fit-out projects focusing not only on bedrooms, shared kitchens and living spaces but also on the leisure facilities that are found within the accommodation. We're able to incorporate gyms, cafes and bars into the high-rise buildings. As well as unique and multi-purpose facilities, just discuss these with our team during the initial consultation.

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