We are all guilty of not moving enough while at our desks.

People often sit for hours, not even realising how little they have moved until they stand up 4 hours (if not more) later to numb jelly legs.

Nowadays, a lot of employees don’t feel the need to pop to each other’s desks for a catch-up, they can simply communicate via internal messenger, like MS Teams®, or by emailing each other. While the modern open-plan offices of today are designed to increase internal communication, they can limit the amount of movement as people are always within talking distance… well, shouting in most cases. And, unfortunately, not every building has a state-of-the-art yoga studio, though Centric can help you create one.

The lack of movement is likely to become even more of an issue in the workplace, and it will probably increase over the years as technology progresses.

While some employers make you aware of your rights regarding the breaks you are legally entitled to, you may find this useful:


There are many things you can do to remind yourself to move. Why not set a timer or have an alert on your phone? There are even chairs that connect to your computer to show you how long you have been sitting for.

There are also other things available to keep you moving while you are sitting. Here are two of our products that can help:

Firstly, the Foot Rocker:

foot rocker

Humanscale foot machines

Simply place it under your workstation, rest your feet on the rocker and rock back and forth. This will not only stimulate blood circulation but provide you with effortless support for the lower back, allowing you to sit for extended periods without fatigue or discomfort.

Secondly, we have the Ballo:

office chairs

Switching to the Ballo, your posture will become more upright and your core tightens to help balance while moving, which is very similar to the feeling of sitting on an exercise ball, which, ‘surprise surprise’, inspired the design. A recent review claims it ‘turns your glutes from mush into rock!’, so not only does it help with your posture, but you can get in shape at the same time! What’s not to love? They come in a range of funky colours suitable for the workplace, home office, and everywhere in between. They are designed for short-term sitting periods, they are perfect for moving, and the lightweight design makes them easy to transport for spontaneous use.

So remember, no excuses! Keep on Moving