As a prominent fit-out and furniture company, we are glad to announce our membership with the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC). This strategic move aligns with Centric’s commitment to fostering regional economic growth and innovation.

A Strategic Partnership for Economic Growth

Joining the NECC marks a significant milestone for Centric as it continues to expand its influence and operations within the North East region. The partnership aims to bolster the local economy through collaborative efforts, leveraging Centric’s expertise in fit-out and furniture solutions to support businesses of all sizes.

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Enhancing Local Business Ecosystems

As a member of the NECC, Centric will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of initiatives designed to enhance the local business ecosystem. This includes access to networking events, business development programmes, and industry-specific forums. These platforms will allow Centric to share its insights and innovations, helping other businesses create functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces.

Centric’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Centric has always been at the forefront of delivering high-quality fit-out and furniture solutions, providing cutting-edge designs and installations to businesses across various sectors. Their services range from office refurbishments to bespoke furniture design, ensuring each client receives a tailored solution.

Supporting SMEs with Workspace Transformation

Amanda Shepherd Centric

“One of Centric’s core missions is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in transforming their workspaces. By joining the NECC, Centric is poised to offer tailored support and resources to local SMEs, enabling them to create efficient and inspiring work environments that boost productivity and employee well-being.”

Amanda Shepherd, Commercial Director, Centric.

Investing in the Future Workforce

Centric is also dedicated to investing in the future workforce of the North East. Through their partnership with the NECC, they plan to engage in educational initiatives, apprenticeships, and training programmes. These efforts aim to equip young professionals with the skills needed to succeed in the fit-out and furniture industry.


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Strengthening Regional Ties

The collaboration between Centric and the NECC is expected to strengthen regional ties, promoting a culture of shared growth and mutual support among businesses in the North East.

Building a Resilient Business Community

By working closely with the NECC, Centric hopes to contribute to building a resilient business community that can adapt to changing economic conditions and industry advancements. This resilience is crucial for ensuring long-term prosperity and sustainability in the region.

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

Centric’s membership with the NECC also underscores its commitment to sustainability. The company plans to advocate for and implement sustainable practices within the local business community, aligning with global efforts to address environmental challenges.

Looking Ahead

Centric’s integration into the North East Chamber of Commerce signifies a promising future for both entities. This partnership is set to drive economic development, foster innovation, and support the next generation of business leaders in the North East.


Your Contact in the North

Pat ODonnell Centric

Pat O’Donnell has recently joined the Centric team as UK Sales Manager Fit-Out & FFE. He is based in the North East and is eager to help with all your fit-out and furniture requirements. You can contact him directly by email or by calling 01229 821212 today!



A Bright Future for North East Businesses

With Centric’s expertise and the NECC’s extensive network and resources, the future looks bright for businesses in the North East. Together, they aim to create a dynamic and thriving business environment that benefits all stakeholders. Centric’s membership with the North East Chamber of Commerce represents a strategic and forward-thinking move. This collaboration promises to deliver substantial benefits to the local economy, foster innovation, and enhance the overall business landscape in the North East.